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How you could test free products from home and get paid

The internet is allowing for more moneymaking opportunities for individuals. Free product testing or working with free samples is one of the many online ways of reviewing products for money. Companies do this for their products so as to identify any faults or new strategies that may be used to give the product a competitive advantage.

There are quite a number of product testing jobs online. While others are voluntary, others pay well. If you are looking to test free products, it is important that you know how and where to apply so you get paid. While these companies do not communicate directly to the testers, they use a mediator, a market research company, to carry out the desired tests.

How to become a paid product tester

Sign up with a genuine market research product testing panel.
Ensure that you carryout sufficient research on your own to ensure that the companies you are signing up for are genuine and they pay. Once you are accepted after application, you will be contacted via email about the available tests to be carried out. Once you qualify for the test in question, the company sends you the product with the instructions as they normally need a specific feature or aspect to be clarifies and not the entire product.

Receive product and test
Once you receive the product, you are assigned a duration to use it so you can provide the necessary information. You will then fill a questionnaire, which is sent online to provide the findings. The company uses the information to make marketing decisions on the product. It is therefore important that the findings are true.

Complete company questionnaire
Once the questionnaire is complete, your participation will be recorded. This is similar to opening an account where your product testing is recorded. This also expands on the opportunity of being called in for a similar task.

Get paid

Depending on the company in question, you will be paid immediately or within 24hours. In addition to monetary benefits, you may also get to keep the product in question.

Free product testers make money and the more products or free samples they test, the more they earn. Free samples in UK are genuine and many individuals are making a living from product testing jobs. The application is simple and you need no capital to get started

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